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学围棋     练中文

思维和品格锻炼   文化传承

History of Go

The game of Go (围棋) originated in China in ancient times. It was considered one of the four essential arts of a cultured Chinese scholar in Ancient China. Go enjoys great popularity in East Asia, and interest in the game is growing steadily in Europe and America.


Go is an extraordinary game


Like Chess, Go is a mental strategy game. Unlike chess,

Go is simple. Children learn the game readily and can reach high levels of mastery.

Go is creative. Go has a creativity and constructiveness missing from other games whose object is to destroy or conquer.

Go is more than a game. It is a meditation, a mirror of one's personality, an exercise in abstract reasoning, and a beautiful art.


Learn GO GAME with experienced go instructors from China online with us!

Free online Go Intro Lesson Every Saturday! 


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Bilin Academy collaborates with Snail Go in China to offer go lessons in Mandarin for children in the US. Kids will not only have fun learning and playing the go game but also practice Mandarin and learn about culture and values in go. 

Our Go courses are great for:

  • heritage Mandarin speakers

  • kids attending Mandarin Immersion school

  • kids with intermediate to advanced Mandarin speaking level

white stone was captured, Chinese board




40-min lesson

(Instruction + Practice Game). Pick your own schedule.



  • 10 Sessions - $250

  • 30 Sessions - $649

  • 60 Sessions - $1099

  • 90 Sessions - $1499                        

white stone was captured, Chinese board


(2 persons) Course 


40-min Lesson (Instruction + Practice Game)​. Pick your own schedule. 


  • 10 Sessions - $170/per person

  • 30 Sessions - $450/per person 

  • 60 Sessions - $780/per person

  • 90 Sessions - $1050/per person

white stone was captured, Chinese board


Practice Session 


Weekly 25-min Session to practice go with your instructor​. Pick your own schedule. 


  • 10 Sessions - $130/per person

  • 20 Sessions - $210/per person 

  • 40 Sessions - $350/per person

  • 60 Sessions - $510/per person

What do you need to take our online classes?

  • High speed internet

  • CLASSIN (online classroom app) downloaded to your computer/Tablet. CLASSIN can be downloaded from any app store or from Classin official website