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How to Take Our Classes



If you are taking art class, design class, chess class or speech class:


  1. Download Zoom app            on the device (computer or tablet) you will use for the class. 

  2. Once you are enrolled for the class, you should be able to find the class in Bilin Academy Website  My Account

  3. Click the “Enter the Classroom” button. Zoom will automatically launch and you will enter the class meeting. 


If you are taking go/weiqi class, calligraphy class or Chinese pictograph class:

  1. Download ClassIn app             on the device (computer or tablet) you will use for the class. 

  2. Create a free account with ClassIn. 

  3. Send the cell phone number you use to create the ClassIn account and student name to 

  4. Log in to the ClassIn App before the class starts. Your registered class will be shown on the app. Click the “Enter” button to join the class.