How do I use ZOOM?

These video tutorials – each less than 1 minute – will get you started ASAP!

Registering for and taking the class:

1. Register an account and enroll a class session at



2. After enrollment, you should be able to view the Zoom meeting ID , the date and time of the class you enrolled. 



3. Download Zoom Cloud Meeting App via the link or from any Apps store for free.

5. Please log in to the class on time with the Zoom ID. Upon logging in, you will initially see a waiting page before being admitted into an open class session. If you need to cancel a class, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing:

6. To make the best possible use of class, please take the class in a quiet and well lit room. Please have your microphone and video tested before the class. 

what do you need to take classes online?

High Speed Internet


Computer with an Camera