Draw Connections with Language and Art.

Learn a Language and Drawing at the Same Time.

At Bilin Studio, we’ve proven that drawing is a fun and powerful tool to learn and practice the second language! We offer online drawing lessons combined with reading and learning a language in a small group setting.

Why combine drawing and language?

  • Children remember language more easily through drawing. 

  • Combining multiple learning styles (visual, kinesthetic and semantic) increases a child's ability to speak and read a new language effectively.

  • Having fun drawing creates positive association with learning language.

  • Save time and effort by learning two skills at once!

Who do we teach?

  • Children 6 – 12 years of age who love to draw.

  • Second Language Learners looking to practice and learn more.

  • Native speakers who want to learn how to draw and connect with other kids from different parts of the world.

How do we teach?

  • We integrate language and drawing in one class in innovative ways.

  • We use online learning for added convenience and comfort.

  • We teach small groups of 4 students or less for better learning.

  • We work with experienced professional artists who are fun, kind, and great with kids!

What do parents say?

"When he joined the class, Terry didn't know English well. Now he understands the teacher's direction and communicates in English using simple sentences!

             - Terry's Mom

"Nina can't wait to join the class every week!"

              - Nina's Mom

"Lang wanted to sign for the course after the trial lesson. It's such a great idea to incorporate English 

learning into drawing lessons "

            - Lang's Mom

What do we teach?


At the beginning of the lesson, we read a picture book about the lesson’s subject.


Our instructors always engage children in conversations to help them practice speaking.


English vocabulary:

Children learn new vocabulary that instructors incorporate into each lesson. 

How to draw: 

We teach children drawing skills and techniques, while encouraging them to express their unique creativity. 

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